How To Have A Drive-In Movie In Your Own Home

I LOVE family traditions! And I REALLY love that now that I have my own little family that NOW is the time to make family traditions happen!

We have tried to take the best of my husband’s family – the best of mine – and hopefully from that, we are creating the best family of our own!

One tradition we have carried on from both of our families, is Family Home Evening. One night a week {normally Mondays} it is designated to 100% family time! We close the computers. Tuck our phones away in our bedrooms. And dedicate our full attention to what is most important…our family!

We sing songs, have a little lesson, create a fun activity or play a fun game and of course we end it with a yummy treat!

This week was SO much fun – I had to share it with all of you! We had plans to go to an outdoor movie, but the weather here has been CRAZYYY and it was raining, so we couldn’t go. My four-year-old was so bummed, but that was when I had an idea!

We didn’t need a drive-in movie… we could CREATE one!

How TO Have A Drive In Movie In Your Own Home

Honestly, it was so much fun that I am prettttty sure my kids will want to have a “drive-in” every time we have a family movie night from here on out!

To make it easy for you, I have come up with a list of things for you to do to make your own Drive-In Family Movie Night In Your Own Home! It is easy! It is fun! It is cheap! And the memories are PRICELESS!

1. SET THE SCENE: The first step to creating your theater is to clear out the room! We normally have a coffee table in the middle of our living room, so we moved the table out of the way and set up a white sheet over our fireplace with a projector. Of course, you can just use your TV if you don’t have a projector. Just be sure to turn off all the lights and grab some blankets for cuddling too!

2. YOU WILL WANT SOME SNACKS: Annnnd the best snacks for a drive-in movie is POPPED CORN of course! Our family HIGHLY recommends G. H. Cretors! It is seriously THE BEST Popped Corn EVER and they have sooo many yummy flavors!! I have had a crazy addiction to “The Mix” lately – I mayyy or may not have eaten the whole bag. Alone. 🙂 It is a buttery carmel corn mixed with an aged cheddar cheese corn – who doesn’t love a little sweet and salty treat?! You can check out their website or they are also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube!

How TO Have A Drive In Movie In Your Own Home

3. YOU NEED CARS: What’s a drive-in movie without a few cars?! We pulled our little cars in from outside, but you could always make cars too out of pillows or cardboard boxes! Be creative and use whatever you have in your home!

4. CHOOSE A MOVIE: To help with the fighting between siblings on what movie we want to watch, I like to make it a “surprise” movie so it’s super exciting and I get to choose what is on the screen! It always works super great and everyone can have a good time!

How TO Have A Drive In Movie In Your Own Home

5. ENJOY THE FAMILY TIME: Family time is SERIOUSLY the best time! And creating a drive-in movie is one of the funnest things, you guys! If you are looking to spice up your normal family movie night – grab the cars and treats and have FUN!

What kind of family traditions do you and your family do?! I would love to hear your ideas! ALSO – Don’t forget to Pin this on Pinterest to save for later!

How TO Have A Drive In Movie In Your Own Home

Special thanks to G.H. Cretors for being a sponsor of Today’s The Best Day! Although we were compensated for this article, all opinions are my own. 

2 Comments on How To Have A Drive-In Movie In Your Own Home

  1. Alison Palmer
    October 24, 2017 at 2:14 pm (4 months ago)

    One of my favorite memories of childhood is drive in movies. Back in those days, the only place to see movies was at a theater or drive in. Or wait a year until they came on TV. We’d be in our jammies in the back of the station wagon. There was a playground right in front of the huge screen and all the other kids were in their jammies too. We usually fell asleep before the first feature was over. Sheer bliss!!

  2. merrawyn
    October 4, 2017 at 3:26 am (5 months ago)

    This is absolutely the cutest idea ever!!! I am in love with this idea!! Thanks so much for sharing and advocating for strong family traditions especially in using FHE <3


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