Bestie’s Life Challenge – BLOOM

Hey Bestie!

I just want to take a second and say THANK YOU! I am SO grateful for you!! I LOVE that you are here and a part of this community of women who strive to make EVERY day, the BEST day!

Here’s the thing. I know every day is NOT the best day. I know that bad things happen to good people. I know that really hard days come. I know that really hard weeks, months and even YEARS come too! And THAT is the very reason Today’s The Best Day exists!

It’s because we all are fighting hard… SUPER HARD…battles. BUT we don’t have to fight them alone! We have each other. We have our Bestie Tribe.

I found myself in a really sad place just a few months ago and could NOT snap out of it. Something that my husband and I had worked really hard for, was taken away from us…on our anniversary actually. It put a big damper in my day to day to life. I lost my motivation. I lost my sparkle. I lost my smile. And I honestly lost who I was.

After a few months of stress and worry and anxiety and wondering what in the world I was even doing – I decided it needed to stop. I needed to find myself again! I needed to feel happiness! And joy! And love! And motivation!

So que in our Bestie’s Life Challenge. This challenge was created as a Bestie Tribe TOGETHER! In fact, you guys came up with the name yourselves and it has stuck! It truly has become a LIFE changing challenge and I am excited to have you be a part of it!

Every month, we focus on a new word. A word that will help change a certain aspect of our lives.  Our first word was SIMPLICITY. We had a 30 Day Challenge to SIMPLIFY our life that you can check out here. As we simplified, we were able to make time for things that are MOST important! And our second word was LOVE. Focusing on LOVING ourselves. Our spouses. And our children.

As today is the first of a new month, I am excited to announce our NEW word for March!

As I was thinking about what I personally need to focus on this month, I was reading a few messages and emails from Besties and the word was SO clear to me on what we need to focus on as a tribe this month.

The word is BLOOM. 

I need to bloom. You need to bloom.We ALL need to bloom. RIGHT where we are.

You see, we can’t control what happens to us. We can’t control other people’s decisions or choices. We can’t control our trials. BUT we can control how we respond to circumstances and things that come our way.

So this month we will be BLOOMING, you guys! We will be blooming where we are planted RIGHT now.

No matter our circumstance. No matter how we feel about this stage of life. No matter where we live. Or where we don’t live. Or how many times it feels like our prayers are unanswered. Or how frustrated we are. Or sad. Or mad. Or upset. No matter WHAT… we are going to BLOOM!

We have SO much potential, ladies. We are where we are supposed to be! I truly believe that God puts us where HE wants us to be! You are where you are for a reason. You are going through your trials for a reason.

So hold on tight. And get ready for 31 DAYS of BLOOMING with Besties. I am SO excited for this month and for everything we in store. I know that together we can find so much joy and happiness as we BLOOM where we are planted!

If you are in on this challenge and ready to focus on March’s Word Of The Month for our Bestie’s Life Challenge – head over to our Instagram photo and write “I’M GOING TO BLOOM!” And tag a few friends that you think would love to BLOOM with us this month!

xoxo Danielle

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