30 Days To Simplify Your Life Challenge

We are SO excited for our first month of #BestiesLifeChallenge!

A few weeks ago I found myself in a complete hole. You guys. I was NOT myself! I was so sad. Easily offended. Quick tempered. And just sad.

I was allowing outside sources complete change WHO I WAS! And that was when I realized I needed to stop it all and change.

We can’t control what happens to us. Or how others treat us. Or what trials come our way. BUT we can control how we respond to each of them.

So, as Besties in 2018 we are going to take upon ourselves the Bestie Life Challenge! Each month we will be focusing on a different word. We will have fun challenges, giveaways and tips and tricks to help us become the women we want to become!

I am SUPER excited to announce the first “word of the month” is SIMPLIFY.

Over the next 30 days in January, we are going to SIMPLIFY our lives – so we can find joy and happiness!

January is a time where we like to set goals and make lists of things we want to change and accomplish…but that can be a tricky thing because without knowing, we can actually be hurting ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong… setting goals and making lists of things we want to change is NOT a bad thing, but this year we are just going to go about it in a little different way! In a “simpler” way, if you will! ūüėČ

So buckle up and put your hands in the air – because this year is going to ROCK! And having all of us in this challenge together is going to make it SO fun!


First things first, you are going to want to print off this 30 Days To Simplicity Calendar! You can click here for it!

Every day there is something specific that we are going to do as a Bestie Tribe to bring a little more simplicity in our lives! I will update this daily, with a new description of what your task is for the day and why it is important in this path to simplicity.


DAY ONE:¬†SET THREE GOALS FOR THIS MONTH –¬†It’s a new year, so setting goals is on the top of all of our minds, right?! But often times we set goals for the whole year and by February we are forgetting about them and moving on to other things. THAT is why to simplify… rather than making a huge list of 20 things we want to do this year… we are going to make 3 simple goals we want to achieve in the month!

DAY TWO: MAKE A LIST OF PRIORITIES –¬†This is key when it comes to simplifying our lives. We HAVE to know what is most important, so we can get rid of anything that we could really live without. Your task for today is to make a list of the things that matter most to you so we know where to focus our time and energy this month to!

DAY THREE: CALL OR TEXT A FRIEND –¬†Often times we get so caught up in our own lives of being “busy” that we forget the people around us. Today’s task is one of my very favorites! Take a minute today to call or text a friend that you have been thinking about lately. Let them know that they have been on your mind and see how they are doing! Showing love to the people that you love, will make your day SO GOOD!

DAY FOUR: CREATE A SCHEDULE –¬†YESSS!!! Honestly I am SO excited for Day 4 of “Simplifying” our lives and for us to create a good, solid {yet flexible}, schedule for ourselves! Creating a schedule is KEY to simplifying our lives – so we can ACTUALLY SEE ON PAPER where we need to focus our time and energy, so we are spending our time with things and people that matter MOST!

As a “working” from home mom, my lists of things to do seem to be MILES long as I try to balance time for my hubby, my kids, my work, my friends and even myself! So creating a schedule and planning out my week/day SIMPLIFIES my life IMMENSELY!

I keep my appointments, play dates, lunch dates, work calendar and daily schedule on my phone, which is also synced to my computer. That way at all times, whether I am out and about with my phone or at home working on my computer – I can see my schedule easily and it is right in front of me. BUT for my daily “To-Do” lists – I am SUCH a sucker for a hard copy planner! There is just something that feels SOOO GOOD about crossing things off!

Check out my Insta Stories today for more information on how I organize my To-Do lists and schedule! Just remember as you create yours today Рwe are SIMPLIFYING! By writing things down, you will be able to see for yourself your daily priorities so you can also be more productive in a totally SIMPLE way!

DAY FIVE: CARRY A WATER BOTTLE WITH YOU –¬†Drinking water throughout the day and staying hydrated is SO important and isn an easy and simple way to create a healthy habit! I love our Water Jug Challenge that you can check out here! It isn’t exactly realistic to carry around a gallon of water as you are and about, BUT if you fill it up in the morning and then use the jug to fill up a water bottle to carry around with you, it’s a great way to keep track of how much water you have actually drank throughout the day!

A few things that are helping me with my water intake:

1. Drink a glass of water before every meal Рit will also make you fuller so you will actually eat less!
2. Get a fun new cup or bottle that you LOVE and will WANT to carry around with you! Personally, I LOVE this Hydro Flask that keeps water cold ALL day long even in the desert!
3. Infuse with natural flavor (lemons, limes, berries, mint)
4. Track it! We all love to check boxes when we accomplished our goals. Do it manually in a planner or download an app like My Fitness Pal! 
5.¬†Instead of grabbing a soda during your meals – order a water! It is also cheaper! ūüėȬ†

DAY SIX: CLEAN OUT YOUR JUNK DRAWER –¬†Simplifying our homes by decluttering can be a bit overwhelming as a whole. If your house is anything like mine, you have specific areas where you put things that don’t really have a specifically place they belong….like a junk drawer, your closet or even an entire room!

Because cleaning out a whole house or even an entire room, can be a lot for us to think about and wayyy too time consuming, today we are going to start off with just a DRAWER! Literally a drawer. Or a bucket. Or a basket. Or wherever that corner is in your house that things are piling up! Find a spot for EVERYTHING…or throw it away!

DAY SEVEN: PLAN OUT YOUR WEEK INCLUDING MEALS –¬†Every Sunday night, Tyson and I sit down and have a planning sesh after the babies are in bed and it works wonders for not only ME {I am a planner! I need to know what is coming up in the week ahead!}, but also for our marriage. We love the time together where we can sit and talk about our week – what we liked, what we loved, what we hated, etc. And then talk about our goals for the next week. It’s nice too to know each others plans and schedules, so we can support each other in the things we have coming up and be on the same page!

Meal planning also is AWESOME during this meeting. I like to do it with him, because then I don’t feel so alone. ha! I am learning to love cooking and am trying to get better at it – so talking it out and finding recipes together is fun!!

Whether you have a planning buddy or not – try to get in the habit on Sunday evenings to plan your week! By focusing on the things you HAVE to get done and the things you HOPE to get done – you will be able to simplify your schedule to make time for the things that are MOST important to you!

DAY EIGHT:100% POSITIVE DAY –¬†Okay this is going to be EXTRA hard since it is a MONDAY {haha!} but let’s do this!! Today we are NOT going to complain about ANYTHING!! Do you think you can do it?! By focusing on the positive, we will be happier! And when mama is happy… the whole house will {hopefully!} be happy!

We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond. So no matter what comes our way today – as a Bestie Tribe we are going to come what may and LOVE it! Are you ready?! HERE WE GO!!

DAY NINE: GET A PLANNER –¬†We talked a LITTLE about planning on Day 4 when we created schedules – but today’s task is to actually get a PHYSICAL planner! There is something so good about being able to write things down and seeing our goals and lists and things on PAPER!

DAY TEN: UNFOLLOW THOSE WHO DON’T UPLIFT YOU –¬†Social Media can be tricky because the comparison game is STRONG! Today we are going to simplify our Social Media platforms by getting rid of any negativity. If you are following people who don’t uplift and make YOU feel good… go ahead and unfollow them for a while. When you start scrolling on your newsfeed – it should be a place of joy and upliftment!

DAY ELEVEN: GO TO BED ON TIME –¬†This might just be my favorite day of our Simplicity challenge because let’s be real… mama likes her sleep! ūüėČ It is super easy to stay up late as a mom – we have SO MANY THINGS TO DO!! Our lists of things to get done {especially today, because it’s Thursday and we want everything done before the weekend begins!} can be MILES long… and tonight, no matter what isn’t accomplished – we are going to bed! And if it all has to wait until Friday…so be it!¬†You need your rest! And today we are simplifying by getting the rest that we need!

You can get SUPER cute and cheap ones at Target, Walmart or even Ross! Personally, I have heard INCREDIBLE things about the In the Leafy Treetops planners so I decided to go for it today and grab myself the their Mom Planner! My sister tells me it’s the best thing EVER – full of EVERYTHING you need and more! And for you LDS moms, they even have a Mormon Mom Planner that includes pages about Visiting Teaching and Family Home Evening! WHAT?! SO cool!

DAY TWELVE: GO OUTSIDE –¬†There is just something SO simplifying about getting out of the house and soaking in some Vitamin D! Today get out of the house – even if it is just for a minute because I know it is still freezing in some places! HA!! Just go somewhere that isn’t your house and take in the fresh air!

DAY THIRTEEN: CLEAN OUT YOUR BATHROOM –¬†If you look at your calendar, every Saturday we have assigned a different “CLEANING” task for you! Last week was to clean out a junk drawer and this week is your bathroom! Get in there and and clean out those drawers that you might throw stuff into it when you are in a rush! Organize your make up! Clean out your brushes!

By doing just a little area at a time, simplifying our homes will come a lot easier than we think! If you finish one bathroom and have more time… go on to the other bathroom in your house until they are all clean and organized!

DAY FOURTEEN: PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY FOR THE WHOLE DAY –¬†I started doing this a few weeks ago and let me tell you – IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! In fact, I bet you are going to love it so much you will want to do it every Sunday from now on!

By unplugging from our phones and Social Media and really being PRESENT in our families at least once a week will do WONDERS to our family relationships! Pull out the board games. Make a yummy treat in the kitchen. Watch a family movie. Go to church. Whatever you do today.. do it! And be 100% present WITHOUT your phone! By doing this, it really gives us time to focus on what is most important!

DAY FIFTEEN: DO SOMETHING YOU HAVE BEEN PUTTING OFF –¬†Do you ever have that thing that just STARES at you and is waiting for you to complete?! For me this week – it is our laundry! We have been traveling so much lately it has been SO hard for me to stay on top of all of it! Whatever you keep putting off – today you are going to DO IT and GET IT DONE!!

Focus on that one thing you want to get done and just DO IT!! I know you can!! And it will feel soooo good to get it done! I promise!

DAY SIXTEEN: PICK UP A BOOK –¬†To be honest, I am not much of a reader. I just feel like I have so much to do – picking up a book is the LAST thing on my list of things to do! But today we are going to find a book that we want to read and we are going to start it! Whether it be a self-help book, a business book or a fictional book to get your imagination going again – set aside some time today to cuddle up on the couch or outside or in your room and READ!

DAY SEVENTEEN: TAKE 20 MINUTES TO JUST SIT IN QUIET –¬†Pray. Meditate. Enjoy. Take the time to just be simple. Forget about your things to do and just SIT.

DAY EIGHTEEN: WASH YOUR HAIR – haha! Maybe you already wash your hair everyday…but this is for those mamas who find themselves loading up with dry shampoo or rocking the mom bun for 5 days in row! Spoil yourself today and take some time to wash your hair! And if you already wash your hair good… take the time to straighten or curl it!

DAY NINETEEN: ANSWER ALL UNANSWERED MESSAGES AND EMAILS –¬†Oh my heavens! Are you guilty of letting your messages, missed calls and emails to pile up so your phone has 100 notifications?! Today we are clearing it up to simplify our lives! Get back to everyone who has been waiting for you and get those red notification numbers DOWN or even OFF on your phone!

DAY TWENTY: CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET –¬†Happy Saturday!! You know what that means… it’s cleaning day! Today’s task is to declutter your closet! Donate old clothes you haven’t worn for a year. Throw away the trash or things that are broken. And declutter your closet in its entirety!

DAY TWENTY ONE: FORGIVE SOMEONE WHO HAS WRONGED YOU –¬†Part of simplifying our lives is also simplifying our minds. And when we hold on to grudges, it can sometimes consume us! Today, try to forgive someone that has hurt you or done you wrong. It doesn’t mean you need to be their best friend or honestly even talk to them! But inside, find forgiveness and let it go. Recognize what you learned from the way the treated you and be better because of it.

DAY TWENTY TWO: NO SPEND DAY – Whaaaaaat?! It’s Monday and we can’t even go to Target?! NOPE!!! NOT today!! Today we aren’t going to spend any money! At Target. At the grocery store. Or even on Amazon!

DAY TWENTY THREE: WRITE 5 THANK YOU MESSAGES OR NOTES –¬†How often do we think of people that have changed our lives for good, but fail to tell them?! Today is the day!! Whether it’s through email, text message, Social Media or letter… take the time today to write 5 notes and say THANK YOU for the people that they are!

DAY TWENTY FOUR: EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST –¬†There is no better what to start the day, than¬†eating something GOOD and nutritious! By now you should be getting into your “simple” schedule and hopefully eating a well-balanced breakfast is on your list of things to do! Today make sure you fuel your body with something good right from the start!

DAY TWENTY FIVE: TAKE A BATH – No explanation needed! Enjoy the silence and relaxation in a warm bubble bath today! It is HEAVENLY!

DAY TWENTY SIX: DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE – So often as women, we find ourselves constantly serving others and eventually we realize it has been days, weeks or even months since we have done anything for US! Today your task is to do something you enjoy…and LOVE it!

DAY TWENTY SEVEN: CLEAN OUT YOUR LAUNDRY ROOM – It’s Saturday!! Which in this simplifying challenge, it means it is time to clean out a room! Specifically… your laundry room! Take the time today to tidy up your laundry space and baskets! Sweep up the floor! Put away clothes you have been neglecting! Organize your baskets! And create a schedule to help get your laundry DONE!

DAY TWENTY EIGHT: PLAY A GAME WITH YOUR FAMILY – I have absolutely LOVED this challenge and have loved seeing your photos and messages as we have SIMPLIFIED our lives! As we have been simplifying and focusing on what matters most, we have been able to make more time for the things that are MOST important, which is our families! Enjoy a family game night and make a memory that will last forever!

DAY TWENTY NINE: SAY A GRATITUDE PRAYER – Have you ever done one of these!? They are THE BEST!! Today instead of asking God for many blessings… say a prayer strictly dedicated to GIVING THANKS! Thank Him for all of the things that make you happy in your life, without asking for a single thing.

DAY THIRTY: WRITE IN YOUR JOURNAL – As we wrap up our 30 day challenge, take the time today to write how you feel! Make new goals! And write about how you will continue to try to SIMPLIFY your life the rest of the year – so you can focus on what matters most!

If you don’t already, make sure you are following us on Instagram here and then¬†click here¬†for your¬†30 DAYS TO SIMPLICITY CALENDAR PRINTABLE! Here’s to taking control of our lives and finding JOY in the now! I can’t wait to make EVERY day the BEST day with all of you!!

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