51 Things Every Mom Is Thankful For

It’s funny how life changes. And as you get older, you get wiser.

Through different experiences and challenges that come your way, the things you are thankful for seem to alter.

One of which, is the moment you become a mom.

In fact, the moment you hold that baby in your arms for the first time, you change. You suddenly become so thankful for diapers and two-hour sleep periods. You become thankful for soft swaddle blankets and the third change of clothes you are SO glad you put inside of your diaper bag.

And as that newborn quickly turns into a baby and that baby quickly turns into a toddler and that toddler quickly turns into a kid…you realize the things you not-too-long-ago took for granted, were actually luxuries in life. You know, like quiet time and clean walls. Being able to say what you wanted to without worrying that it would be repeated and of course not having to share that little piece of chocolate you were trying to sneak in the closet.

This holiday season, moms everywhere are thankful for a lot of things. And today we have a list of 51 things EVERY one of them are feeling extra grateful for.

51 Things Every Mom Is Thankful For

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1. Sleep. When she gets it. Five hours….one hour… twenty minutes…. 60 seconds of closing her eyes in peace – she will take it.

2. An uninterrupted shower orrrrr a shower in general. Also – dry shampoo.

3. That one time she walked out of the house on time.

4. Poop in the potty.

5. Being called “MOM” one thousand times a day.

6. Dark closets to eat chocolate in, cry in, pray in and just sit in…. alone.

7. Fast food Drive-Thrus…because taking a child out of a carseat is way too much work.

8. Unexpected hugs.

9. The iPad.

10. Sticky handprints on doors and windows.

11. Waking up and realizing she just got five straight hours of sleep. Also being very confused on how that actually happened as she thought it would never be possible again.

12. A trip to the store alone. #vacation

13. Naps.

14. Target stickers.

15. The Target toy aisle.

16. The Target dollar spot.

17. TARGET. In general.

18. Gold fish crackers.

19. Baby wipes. Not just for bums – for the car. for the house. for her hands. for every little thing that comes her way.

20. The 2.5 seconds all of the laundry is done.

21. Forgiveness, when she makes mistakes.

51 Things Every Mom Is Thankful For

22. Babysitters who can drive themselves.

23. Daddy time.

24. Grandparents.

25. Finding a clean shirt to wear without a stain and doesn’t smell.

26. Friends that don’t judge her and love her for just who she is.

27. Sloppy kisses – we are talking the mushy, dirty, slobbery ones.

28. The crock pot.

29. Leggings. Yoga pants. Sweats. Anything really – with no bra.

30. Pajamas, because it means it is the end of the day.

31. The start of a new day.

32. A child that stays in the shopping cart the entire trip.

33. Magic Erasers.

34. When a baby starts waking up, but then falls back asleep. BEST feeling in the entire world.

35. Hand-me-Downs.

36. Empty dishwashers.

37. Google – the answer to all of our mommy problems.

38. Bedtime snuggles.

51 Things Every Mom Is Thankful For

39. A sleeping child on a roadtrip.

40. A sleeping child anywhere.

41. Silent contests.

42. Chocolate. Preferably a piece she doesn’t have to share.

43. Finding a pair of matching socks in the massive pile of laundry.

44. Miracles.

45. A new perspective on life.

46. When daddy comes home.

47. A house – messy and all.

48. 7:30pm.

49.  The “I wuv you’s”. The mis-pronunciation of words. The messy faces. The milestones. The belly laughs. The memories.

50. The fact that her life can be crazy, she can feel unorganized and at times doesn’t really know what she is doing… but has truly never felt so much love and absolute joy.

51. Being a mom. Because honestly? There is NOTHING better.

1 Comment on 51 Things Every Mom Is Thankful For

  1. Little Teether
    December 9, 2015 at 5:48 am (2 years ago)

    I still don’t have a kid but I know how to become a mother already to my nephews and nieces. And being an aunt or to be called an aunt is a great feeling already. So what more a mother’s feeling when their children called them Moms? That alone is one reason to be thankful for.


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