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Throughout our site you will see on every one of our posts and articles that there are amazing pictures by some very talented people. Though I wish I could claim to be a professional photographer, I am not anywhere near as talented as these wonderful photographers. We would like to introduce you to the featured photographers of Today’s the Best Day. They specialize in capturing special moments for families to be remembered forever.

We fully recommend each one of our featured photographers as true professionals and encourage you to contact them for an appointment for you and your family!

Photography is not about cameras, gadgets, and gismos. Photography is about photographers. A Camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel Peter Adams

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McKenzie Stewart

I am a travel Wedding Photographer with an emphasis in Disney loving couples! I love long walks with my fur babies, date nights with my hubby, and photographing real moments! Photography is my passion and my life. I majored in Photography in school with a strong background and education in Flattering Women. Each couple is so important to me and their style is shown in their photographs, not just my own style.


Website: http://www.Msweddingimage.com

Email: McKenzie@MsWeddingImage.com

Facebook Page: Facebook.com/MsWeddingImage



 Christine Olson Photography

I’m a natural-light photographer and authenticity is what drives my work. It is my job to capture your personality in the most beautiful way possible, and I take that very seriously. Weddings are the best part of my job as a photographer. It’s the happiest day of the couple’s life and we’re surrounded by beautiful, natural photo opportunities. All the smiles are sincere and love shines through. What’s not to enjoy? I have a BFA in photography from the Brooks Institute of California, which simply means photography has been a massive part of my life. It’s what I studied and what I know. And more personally … I love my husband and the adventures we take together. I love traveling, drinking diet coke eating food like it’s my job, and of course I love social gatherings. What is life without friends and loved ones?

Contact Info:

Website: Christineolsonphotography.com

Email: Christineolsonphotography@gmail.com

Facebook Page: Facebook.com/christine.hardyolson

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