7 Ways To Save Money This Christmas

“What’s your favorite holiday?” Ask a group of children (or adults), and the answer is often the same: “Christmas!” It’s mine, for sure! Because Christmas means so many things: warmth, love, family, faith, traditions … And gifts. Which leads to my next question. “What holiday do you find the most stressful?” For many adults, the […] Read more…

HEALTHY Almond Pulp Fudge

Almond Pulp Fudge – Recipe

I first came across Today’s The Best Day a few months ago when I had begun monetizing my blog and was looking around the web for inspiration and blogging guidance.  At first glance, TTBD has nothing to do with me!  I’m not married, a mother, or Mormon, but there was something about the site that […] Read more…

My wife is JUST a mom 2

My Wife is JUST a Mom

You’ve probably had a conversation similar to this before: “Hey! How have you been? I haven’t seen you in forever!” “Ya, it has been a while, good to see you.” “It sure has. How’s your family? Is your wife still just at home with the little one?” “They’re all great, ya she’s at home full […] Read more…

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