9 Benefits My Wife And I Get From Staying Up Past Our Bedtime 2

9 Benefits My Wife and I Get from Staying Up Past Our Bedtime

Annnnnd they are finally asleep! Our little family recently expanded and as we welcomed our little new buddy into the gang, my wife and I quickly realized that our life has forever changed. The regular routine of tag teaming bed time with just one kid was amazing for years, but came to an abrupt halt […] Read more…

Why You Should LOVE Your Wife's Stretch Marks 2

Why You Should LOVE Your Wife’s Stretch Marks

There they are. Just staring back at her in the mirror. Every day as she gets dressed, she sees the body and stripes that she has earned through motherhood… and she often finds herself staring and touching the stretch marks that take over half of her stomach now. From the moment she saw the two […] Read more…

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