But You're Enough 2

But you are enough.

Photo by our talented photographer, Christine Olson Photography  The toddler is screaming for his blanket that you left in the car because five minutes before this melt down he assured you he didn’t want it, the nine month old is fussing because of course you decided to load up the family for a quick trip […] Read more…


7 Ways To Save Money This Christmas

“What’s your favorite holiday?” Ask a group of children (or adults), and the answer is often the same: “Christmas!” It’s mine, for sure! Because Christmas means so many things: warmth, love, family, faith, traditions … And gifts. Which leads to my next question. “What holiday do you find the most stressful?” For many adults, the […] Read more…

HEALTHY Almond Pulp Fudge

Almond Pulp Fudge – Recipe

I first came across Today’s The Best Day a few months ago when I had begun monetizing my blog and was looking around the web for inspiration and blogging guidance.  At first glance, TTBD has nothing to do with me!  I’m not married, a mother, or Mormon, but there was something about the site that […] Read more…

My wife is JUST a mom 2

My Wife is JUST a Mom

You’ve probably had a conversation similar to this before: “Hey! How have you been? I haven’t seen you in forever!” “Ya, it has been a while, good to see you.” “It sure has. How’s your family? Is your wife still just at home with the little one?” “They’re all great, ya she’s at home full […] Read more…

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