Dear Mom, You Are Enough 2

Dear Mom, You Are Enough

You’ve seen them. The “perfect” moms all over the internet. With their picture perfect posts on social media and homes full of Pinterest worthy decorations, it is easy to get lost in comparison and wonder what you are doing wrong or if you are even doing anything right at all. As you long-fully gaze at […] Read more…

Scentsy Giveaway 2

Scentsy – Giveaway

LADIES! It is Giveaway Day and I am super excited to be partnering up with Scentsy – to be a part of our #StrongerThanTheStruggle week! As you know, this week we are talking about the struggles in life – the big struggles that are SO hard we sometimes feel we can’t ever make it through […] Read more…

RELATIONSHIPS DURING PREGNANCY 5 Tips To Growing Closer With Your Significant Other 2

Relationships During Pregnancy: 5 Tips to Growing Closer with your Significant Other

There are many things that will test a relationship over the years. Pregnancy may be a happy time for most, but it also is a life-changing time. Stress and anxiety are common during pregnancy for both the man and the woman. More than that, the baby is growing inside of the woman, so some men […] Read more…

FLoral Crowns Giveaway 2

Bryant Boutique – Giveaway

You ladies know I loooove me some floral crowns! Gorgeous headpieces are perfect for photoshoots, the beach, dress up, night outs and parties! It is such a pleasure to introduce you ladies to Bryant Boutique! A brand new beautiful shop for floral crowns! Kait, the cute lady behind this new boutique, started off as a follower when […] Read more…

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