31 Ways To Bloom Where You Are Planted

It was our nine year anniversary. We were sitting across from each other, enjoying a romantic night away just the two of us. We were reminiscing about our life together and how far we had come.

We are high school sweethearts and have been in love for over fifteen years. I have never been more in love with him. We have two healthy miracle babies who, together, we worked so hard for. Praying. Pleading. Crying. Hoping. Dreaming. And NEEDING for years. And they are alive and well and good and happy and bring us more joy than we can even describe!

We have a comfortable home. Family we love nearby. Irreplaceable friends. A sustainable job. And so many blessings.

Now, I don’t say all of these things to boast or to be prideful. I share with you these things, because even though I have been blessed so much – a few months ago, I failed to recognize it. I had forgotten all of my many blessings and the most important things in life.

As we sat in the restaurant, celebrating our love, we got a phone call that changed the path our life was heading. We had been working hard on moving our family to a new city and the plan had fallen through.

I was devastated. Our plans and dreams and goals were shattered. Our plan that seemed so perfect, was taken away from us quickly. And I started to cry. No…I started to stinkin’ bawl my eyes out.

I have had a lot of moments that feel like MY PERFECT PLAN…fails. And our Plan A, turns to Plan B…and then Plan C…and then Plan D…and sometimes all the way down to the letter Z.

Because to be honest, plans change. Things don’t always work out the way we hoped they would. Or think they should. In fact, life throws each of us a whole lot of curve balls.

This wasn’t the first time I felt like I had worked hard for something and it had failed. And I am sure as you are reading this, you are thinking of a time that a similar situation has happened to you.

Whether it be a job that has fallen through. A baby that you have longed for and have not received. A marriage that ended. A promise that was broken. A goal that wasn’t achieved. A dream that isn’t coming true. A prayer that feels to be unanswered. A hope that you are losing faith on.

The truth about our trials is that they are real. And hard. And tough.

I went home from our date upset and confused. WHY after working so hard on something, would it be taken away? WHY is my plan, not His plan? WHY when I have a good, faithful desire is it so hard to receive the blessing sometimes? WHY if it felt like the correct decision, did it not work out?

I opened a book that had been sitting on my nightstand and my bookmark fell out of it and onto my bed. It read, “BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED.” 

As we go through hard things, often times we can find ourselves questioning this statement.

“BLOOM?!” How are we supposed to BLOOM when we feel defeated and don’t even like our current situation?!

“PLANTED?!” How are we supposed to find joy where we are planted when we are so upset about where our path has led us?!

Today I want to share 31 Ways To Bloom Where You Are Planted! So every day for the next month, you will be able to find a little way to not just grow or change – but to truly BLOOM no matter where you are! or what stage of life you might be in! Or what trial you are currently fighting!

1. DECIDE MENTALLY TO BE “ALL IN”: This is the first step. To mentally tell yourself that you are going to bloom. There’s no more “one foot in and the other foot out.” Decide today to put both of your feet in and jump.

2. LOVE WHO YOU ARE RIGHT NOW: Know that you ARE enough. You don’t need to lose weight. Or have perfect kids. Or have longer hair. Or have a flawless face. Or have a closet full of new clothes and sparkly shoes. Or have it all together. Love who you are RIGHT where you are.

3. CHANGE YOUR QUESTIONS: Rather than asking yourself, “Why me?!” and “Why can’t I have what I want?!” switch your questions out! This time ask yourself, “How can I make today the BEST day?” and “What joy can I bring into my life and others this week?”

4. GET YOUR BODY MOVING: Get outside and go for a walk. Do an at home work out. Go to the gym. Take your kids to the park. Not only will your body thank you, but your brain will too!

5. FIND YOUR WHY: Maybe there is a reason you are planted where you are? Find that reason. Maybe there is someone that needs YOU. Just YOU. You are so unique and can bring so much good to the people around you! God has put you where you are for a reason – so find that reason and BE that reason.

6. TURN YOUR HOUSE INTO A HOME: Make it a place you WANT to be. Maybe it’s smaller than you would like. Or dirtier than you wish. Or a complete unorganized disaster that you have no idea where to even put things anymore. Start with a corner – organize it. Declutter it. Throw things away. Create a system. And then move on to the next corner. Turn your home into a place you LOVE to be.

7. REMEMBER WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL: You can’t control everything. Things out of our hands are going to happen. But focus on the things you CAN control. Your state of mind. The way you look at others. The things you do. The things you say.

8. FIND A NEW HOBBY: It is NEVER too late to find something you LOVE to do! Heck – if you are in a situation where you are not thrilled about blooming… today we are going to find ONE thing that you LOVE to do…and you’re going to do it! And you’re going to do it a lot! Because it makes you happy!

9. WRITE DOWN 30 THINGS YOU ARE THANKFUL FOR: Grab a piece of paper and write down all of your many blessings – I promise you have a whole lot more to be thankful for than you think.

10. PLAY TOURIST IN YOUR OWN CITY: That’s right! If you are planted there – you’re going to LOVE it! Playing tourist in your own city is SO fun! Go to a restaurant you have never been to! Do a fun activity you have never done! Go see a show or a concert that is coming to town! Explore your own city and fall in love with where you are!

11. BE A POSITIVE THINKER: Get rid of the negative thoughts that will come into your mind. Get rid of negative people that put those thoughts in there. Surround yourself with GOOD, uplifting and positive people who will help you stay positive too.

12. GO OUTSIDE AND EXPLORE: Go for a drive and just enjoy the outdoors! If you live near the mountains – drive up the canyon. If you leave near the beach – drive by the shore. If you live in the desert – go on an adventure! Soak in the beauty that is around you.

13. BE GRATEFUL: When we have a heart full of gratitude, we can bloom. It’s kind of like putting water on the flower that we are trying to grow. Say THANK YOU to those who you love. Never let a day go by without saying thank you to at least one person and God.

14. DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE: There is no better feeling than helping someone else. When we think of other’s besides our own, our hearts and minds feel the most joy! Take a treat to a friend. Bring dinner to a neighbor. Babysit someone’s kids. Write a note to someone in need.

15. STAY IN THE NOW: Although this doesn’t mean you can’t dream and make goals and hopes for the future – just focus on the NOW. Your kids will only be this little for so long. You will never have TODAY again.

16. BE PRODUCTIVE: Turn off the tv and get stuff DONE! Make a to do list and go-go-go! When you are busy and movin’ and groovin’ – you will have less time to think about where you are and why you don’t want to be there.

17. MAKE A NEW FRIEND OR NOURISH THE FRIENDSHIPS YOU DO HAVE ALREADY: Send that text to a friend you keep thinking about. Call that friend you haven’t heard from in a while to check in. Surprise your husband when he gets home from work. Be a good friend and put in effort to build that friendship more.

18. STOP COMPLAINING: And change your perspective. Rather than looking at your life and wondering why the heck you have to deal with this stuff – try to focus on how the things you are stuck with, can actually make you stronger? Better? And possibly be a beautiful experience that is helping you bloom to a new you?!

19. BE FLEXIBLE: Easier said than done, right? But when we have flexibility, we are able to go with the flow and say “it’s all good!” no matter what comes our way!

20. START AND END YOUR DAY WITH A PRAYER: When we remember who is in charge and who’s plan is actually the PERFECT plan, everything seems to be okay. Everything seems to work out.

21. CREATE A JOURNAL OR OUTLET FOR SHARING YOUR THOUGHTS: While we work on blooming, let’s document how we are feeling! Our emotions and feelings are REAL – and as we create an outlet to share our thoughts, we can become better! AND it’s so awesome to look back at times like these in a few years from now to see all of our true thoughts, feelings and inspirations!

22. THROW OUT COMPLIMENTS: You can impact others in such a positive way – in fact, probably in ways you don’t even know about! Never withhold a compliment! Tell someone they look cute! You like their outfit! That they are kind! And fun! And that you love being around them! You never know if you are at a specific place at a specific time for a reason!

23. KEEP IMPROVING: Don’t allow yourself to go one step further and then two steps back. Go a step further and stay there for a bit. For as long as you need to. And then take another step forward. And then another. Just keep walking and becoming the person you want to become!

24. LOOK AROUND YOU: Stop looking at yourself and open your eyes to the beautiful things that are around you. The places. The people. The things. The music. The GOOD. Soak it in and ENJOY it.

25. KEEP DREAMING: Just because you aren’t in the place that you want to be – doesn’t mean you won’t ever get to the place you want. Set goals to achieve the dreams that you want to come true.

26. WORK HARD: To achieve any dream or goal – this is a MUST. Great things are waiting for. AND they are also worth working really really hard for!

27.  GET RID OF “WHAT IF’S”: And change it to “IF THIS…. THEN THAT…” meaning, IF THIS is where I am supposed to be, THEN I am going to love it.

28. BE BRAVE: And remember that you can do hard things!

29. SHOW OFF YOUR SMILE: Find your smile every single day and show off those pearly whites! By smiling, we can feel happier and BLOOM a little faster!

30. DON’T QUIT: Keep walking. Keep trying. Pick yourself up and go again and again and again. Will you fall? Probably. But can you try again? ABSOLUTELY!! You only fail when you stop trying.

31. FIND THE BEST IN EVERY DAY: Not every day, will be the best day. BUT there is something that is good in every day… you just have to find it.

CLICK HERE for the 31 Days To Bloom Calendar FREE Printable!

Here’s to BLOOMING!! Here’s to enjoying the NOW! Here’s to BEING ALL IN with both feet! Here’s to making the BEST of every day and becoming our BEST selves!

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