7 Tips For Traveling With Kids

Vacation. Something we ALL need every now and then! There honestly is nothing better than escaping reality by packing up the car and heading out on an adventure with the family!

We have been traveling a TON lately… as you have all seen on our Instagram stories. We have gone from the snow to the beach to the desert and back to the snow over and over again and have LOVED it! Although traveling with kids can be a little tricky at times and take a bit longer than expected, creating memories for them makes it all worth it!

Today I am SO excited to be sharing seven tips just for YOU to remember when traveling with kids! These are things that have worked for us and I am sure will help you as you embark on your next family vacation!


1. PACK A BAG FOR ENTERTAINING: On a long road trip with kids, it’s all about keeping their mind off of how long they have been in the car! Pack a bag or backpack to keep up front by you and when they seem to get bored or ask “Are we there yet?” pull out a different toy or book for them to play with!

We have noticed when we keep the bag up front by us, rather than give them everything at once – it makes it a lot more fun because it’s a new surprise every time we pull out something. Fill the bag with old and new toys such as coloring books, stickers, look and find books, notepads and other fun finds found at the dollar store or in your playroom that they haven’t played with in a while!

2. HAVE A PLAN, BUT REMEMBER PLAN B IS OKAY TOO: It’s super important when traveling with kids that you have somewhat of a plan. To know where you are going, how long it will take, where gas stations and places to stop and stretch are along the way, and where you are staying are all important. BUT it also is just as important to remember that kids are kids.

SO many times when traveling you’ll need to pull over for potty breaks, car sickness and upset babies who just need to GET OUT of the car! Plan B is our family motto lately and we have learned that even on road trips, sometimes Plan B’s are going to have to happen and that’s totally fine too! Your family’s safety and happiness is what is MOST important of all!

3. ALWAYS HAVE EASY, HEALTHY SNACKS ON HAND: There is nothing better than yummy snacks on a road trip, right?! And honestly – the babies and kids feel the SAME way! We have noticed it’s not always easy finding healthy snacks at gas stations and pit stops, so we always pack our favorite treats with us before leaving!

Ella's Kitchen 2

A family favorite is Ella’s Kitchen Nibbly Fingers and Textured Meals! They are SO PERFECT for kids on the go! We always grab them at either Target {you know I live there!}, Whole Foods Market or even amazon.com.

The Nibbly Fingers are the PERFECT size for toddler hands and tummies! They come in handy, individually wrapped bars so little nibblers can enjoy them wherever you go! I also love that they are made with only organic fruit and veggie ingredients with no added refined sugar or salt. My kid’s fav flavors are Apples & Strawberries and Mangoes & Carrots!

In addition, their Textured Meals are perfect for growing babies 6 months and older! They are a great opportunity to introduce more texture, new flavors, meats, dairy and protein to little ones with curious taste buds! They are also free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives!

Ellas' Kitchen 1

4. BABY WIPES CURE ALL: But seriously…THEY DO! I have a pack of baby wipes in my car, in my bag, in my purse, in my suitcase…EVERYWHERE! They not only are needed for dirty diapers, but they clean up spills, wash dirty hands, wipe down shopping carts and restaurant tables, clean up messy carseats and juuuust about everything else that you can imagine that might need a little cleaning up!

5. CAR GAMES ARE MAGIC: We are all about fun-filled family road trip games! Sing songs together! Read books together! Make up silly stories together! Play the ABC game! Look for different states on license plates! And make it FUN for you and your family!

6. GIVE THEM A MAP AND/OR JOURNAL: Do your kids love maps or is that just mine?! haha! By letting your child hold their own map and lead the way makes them feel in charge and ready to explore! A journal is a great thing to bring too, because you can stick it in the cubby pocket behind the drivers and passengers seat. They can doodle in it and practice writing. Have them draw pictures of things they see out the window or write about their favorite things on the trip!

7. HAVE LOTS OF PATIENCE: Lastly, buuuut maybe most importantly is to have lots of patience and love. Remember that road trips are supposed to be FUN! They are supposed to be an escape from the normal day to day for you AND your kids. Make lots of memories! Take tons of pictures! And have a whole lot of FUN!

Special thanks to Ella’s Kitchen for being a sponsor of Today’s The Best Day! Although we were compensated for this article, all opinions are my own. 

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