I sometimes feel like I LIVE in the car. Do you?! I am always on the go! Between school drop-off, running errands, dance class, soccer practice, play dates, business meetings, and people to visit and serveI find myself running out of the house and quickly grabbing whatever is the easiest thing to throw in my purse for snacking and meals on the go!

Lets be realI love to snack. Who doesnt!? Fueling my body as I am running around town like a crazy mama is SO important – and fueling it with guilt-free snacks and food is even MORE important!

Today I am SUPER excited to share a few tips that I have learned over the past few months of being an on-the-go mom.Tips on how to eat a little healthier and better while in the car, running from one place to the other!

You guys know I am OBSESSED with G.H.Cretors popped corn. I have told you before that they are my absolute favorite popcorn and snack – even on the go! They have a different flavor for everyone in the family! You can even click here to check out what I am talking about! We shared how to have a family drive-in movie with our favorite flavors or you can even click here for fun popcorn playdate ideas for the kids!

They recently launched their BRAND NEW 2018 flavors and they are DELISH!! Cheese Lovers Mix and Buffalo & Ranch MixI mean, is your mouth watering just hearing the flavors?!

I absolutely love snacking on their popcorn while on the go and here is how you can too!

#1 BAGGIES WILL BE YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND: First up, guilt-free snacking is ALL about portion control and whats EASIEST to grab right?! After buying a bag of your favorite snack {ie: G H Cretors Popped Corn} grab some baggies and create easy-to-grab bags that you can quickly throw into your purse or diaper bag!

#2 PUT THEM SOMEWHERE YOU WILL SEE: When my brain is going 100 different ways, its sometimes hard for me to stay focused. Can you say *squirrel!* haha! SO – put your individual baggies after you make them, somewhere you will see! Either on the counter, in the cupboard you will open to grab things out for your kids anyways, or even by the door you walk out of!

#3 CHECK OUT THE NUTRITION FACTS: Sometimes things you think are guilt-free, might actually not be! And sometimes things you think wouldnt be goodactually ARE! I love that G.H. Cretors Popped Corn is kosher dairy and certified gluten-free! In one serving, which is 2 1/4 cup there is only 160 calories too! Check labels and do research and find snacks you LOVE!

#4 TREAT YO SELF: Heres the thingmama needs to eat! You are Super Woman and NEED to eat for energy! G H Cretors has THE CUTEST and yummiest recipes on their site that you can check out here! No matter what the occasion is – they have something delicious for you to try!

I absolutely LOVE being a mom! I LOVE this busy, crazy stage of life that we are in right now! Be sure to take some time to take care of YOU during this season – even though its easy to get wrapped in only caring for our little ones and others. Fuel yourself with guilt free snacks and go get er done!

Special thanks to G H Cretors for being a sponsor of Todays The Best Day! Although we were compensated for this article, all opinions are my own.

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