Three Simple Ways To Make Your PlayDates FUN – With Popcorn

You guys! We are half way through our 30 Days to Simplicity Challenge for January and I could NOT be more excited about the results we are seeing! Together as a Bestie Tribe, we have been able to “simplify” our lives in easy ways, that are bringing us joy!

Every message, email and shout out that I have seen makes me SO excited for this year to come! How fun that together we are able to support and love each other, so we can become the women we truly imagine and want to become this year!

To continue on with our word “SIMPLIFY” this month, I am excited to share three SIMPLE ways to make your playdates FUN…with POPCORN!


We love having friends over! It is our favorite thing! Not only is it fun for the kids, but honestly I love hosting too! Hearing my kids laugh and play – while I can fold laundry or get some emails answered, knowing that they are occupied and being entertained, makes me so happy!

We all know though, after the kids have been playing a while, they come to us mamas looking for more ideas and fun things to do. And THAT is why I always have G H Cretors Popped Corn on hand. Not only for me to snack on {because YUM!!} but because popcorn can honestly bring SO much fun into your home!

With these three simple ideas, you will have the kids having the time of their life at your next playdate! AND a yummy snack for everyone {including YOU!} too.


FIRST up… A POPCORN TOOTHPICK RACE! Not only is this fun, but it helps with fine motor skills too!

All you will need for this game are toothpicks, 2 bowls and a bag of popped corn!

Place all the popcorn in one bowl and place an empty bowl next to it. Each player then tries to move the popcorn to the empty bowl, one piece at a time using two toothpicks! The player with the most popcorn in the not-so-empty bowl anymore… WINS!

The SECOND super simple game is the Popcorn SKYDIVE! The title alone will make the kids STOKED, don’t you think?!

Kids will take turns standing on a chair and the object is to drop pieces of popcorn into a cup on the ground – like the popcorn is “sky diving!” The child with the most pieces in their cup WINS!

And the THIRD fun and super simple way to spice of your next playdate is the POPCORN BLOW! This time you will need a long table, a piece of popcorn for each player and one straw for each player.

Using the straw, blow the popcorn to the end of the table as fast as you can! The player who gets their popcorn to the end of the table first is the WINNER!

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We LOVE these fun activities with popcorn and know you and your playdates will too! Honestly, G H Cretors Popped Corn is by far MY FAVORITE brand of popcorn. I DIE over every flavor…literally haven’t had a bad one. My newest craving is “The Mix” or the “Chile Jalepeno White Cheddar” if you like things with a KICK!

So next time you are at the store – make sure you grab a bag {or two or three!} so you can simply make your playdates even MORE fun annnnnd while the kids play… you can munch! But take this as my warning… it’s SO good you will not want to put that bag down! 😉

Make Playdates FUN with POPCORN!

What are some fun games that YOU do to make play dates more fun?! I would love to hear your ideas!

Special thanks to G.H. Cretors for being a sponsor of Today’s The Best Day! Although we were compensated for this article, all opinions are my own. 

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