The BEST Educational App For Kids – Kiddopia

Raise your hand if your kid LOVES to play on your phone! *MEEE!!* I am sure ALL of you are raising your hands! Am I right?!

But seriously. Our littles are DRAWN to our phones, aren’t they?! They are fun! They are colorful! They keep them busy! And my absolute favorite part of all… is that they can actually be educational too!

I am SO excited today to introduce you guys to one of our FAVORITE app companies, Paper Boat Apps and their newest learning app, Kiddopia!


You guys. It feels SO GOOD to be able to give my girl some screen time – and watch her learn! And grow! And exercise her brain! In fact, it has quickly made it’s way to our #BestieMUSTS list and was voted our Bestie’s BEST Educational App for Kids!

Kiddopia is the one stop app that has the perfect balance of education and entertainment for our littles! In fact, the app makes learning so much fun that they don’t even realize that they are actually LEARNING!

Through super fun games, our littles can learn their ABCs, Alphabet Tracing, Spelling, Addition, Subtraction, Number Values, Patterns, Shapes, Colors and MORE!


And some of our favorite games within the app are the Jigsaw Puzzles, Memory Game, Spot the Difference, Join the Dots, Spot the odd one out and Shape Matching Puzzles!

My girl also LOVES to Bake & decorate Cupcake and Donuts, Grill & garnish Pizzas, Cook & design Pastas, Freeze & decorate Popsicles & Smoothies, Paint and beautify nails, Make lovely accessories such as tiaras, necklaces, earrings, the Coloring Pad and Decorate photos with Funny Cammy!


You guys… the games are ENDLESS and your kids are going to LOVE it!!

Oh AND I almost forgot to mention that Kiddopia is fun for ALL ages! Even our little 10 month old dances his little heart out when we turn on the Nursery Rhymes songs and videos!

Kiddopia is a subscription service with new content being added monthly. Once you become an active subscriber, everything is unlocked for you to play and learn! It is free to download and there is a free trial which unlocks everything too so you can see how cool it is for yourself!


I am SO SO excited to partner with Paper Boat Apps today for an INCREDIBLE Giveaway, you guys! Are you ready to hear this?! Today we are GIVING AWAY TEN LIFETIME ACCESS MEMBERSHIPS to KIDDOPIA! Like… WHAAAT?! SO fun!!

That’s right… we will be selecting TEN Besties and giving EACH winner a Lifetime Access Membership to the Kiddopia app – which is worth around $50 EACH! Woop Woop! Head over to our Instagram here to get your name in! The giveaway closes on Monday night at 7pm!

Click here for more information about Kiddopia and to check it out in iTunes! Download it today and enjoy watching your littles not only learn, but have a ton of fun too!

Special thanks to Kiddopia for being a sponsor of Today’s The Best Day! Although we were compensated for this article, all opinions are my own. 

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