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19 Things Your Wife REALLY Wants For Mother’s Day

Give yourself credit. Youā€™re a good husband and you may even have the novelty t-shirt to prove it. Butā€¦..when it comes to knowing what to get your wife for Motherā€™s Day, you get kind of stumped. Donā€™t worry – you arenā€™t alone! Realistically, few things can be purchased to convey true appreciation for the long […] Read more…

Service Challenge for October – You’ve Been Boo’ed

A new month – means a new Service Challenge! Together, we have sent gifts to children in need, made Blessing Bags for the less fortunate, donated 116 blanketsĀ to newborn babies, done random acts of kindness for strangers, raised $10,000 for Pediatric Cancer Research… and now it is time to serve OUR FRIENDS! I was probably […] Read more…

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