Besties Night Out – Birthday Bash!

Ladies! Friends! Besties! I could NOT be more excited to announce that our Bestie’s Night Out is OFFICIAL – and only a few weeks away!

When I started Today’s The Best Day four years ago, I would have NEVER…ever…EVER…believed you if you told me that in just 4 years our community would be what it is today.

A tribe. A full blown TRIBE, you guys! That’s what we have here and my mind is still blown when I think about it.

We have this group of women who want with all of their hearts…to just be HAPPY! A group of women who support other women! Love their families! Know they aren’t perfect! Try their best! Have faith! Know how to have fun! And truly want to strive to make EVERY day, the BEST day!

Because you know what?! Life is hard. Life can be SO STINKIN’ HARD!! But as Besties – we take it upon ourselves to find the LIGHT, even when things seem to be really dark.

So. Let’s celebrate. You deserve it. I deserve it. WE ALL DESERVE IT! So we are makin’ it happen! Right here – in LAS VEGAS!

THIS is YOUR official invitation to our Besties Night Out – Birthday Bash and I am here to answer all of the questions you are dying to have answered! 

Are you ready?!

1. WHERE AND WHEN? Our Besties Night Out will be held at the FIIZ Drinks in Henderson, NV. It is their BRAND NEW location and absolutely PERFECT! The date will be APRIL 5, 2018 {THURSDAY} at 7 o’clock PM.

2. HOW MUCH IS IT? Tickets are LIMITED! The rate is $10 for the first 50 people. It will increase to $12 once those tickets are sold out. And will increase again after that. SO. Set you alarms and try to be one of the first 50 Besties to grab your ticket! You can buy them HERE! 

3. WHAT DO I GET WITH MY TICKET? Your ticket purchased includes {1} 24oz drink from FIIZ, {1} HIGH Fitness class that night and {5} raffle tickets for our AMAZING giveaways and prizes that we will be celebrating with and giving away!

4. DO I HAVE TO WORKOUT? Of course not! If you aren’t able to workout or are just not feelin’ it – no worries at ALL! Come and visit, eat {have I mentioned my fave Waffle Love will be there!?}, drink a soda and be merry! It’s going to be a fun GNO with lots of mix and mingling ANNNND you all know I love to give away my favorite things and my favorite products so if anything – come and hang out with me and try to win some awesome prizes!

5. WHAT DO I WEAR? We will be working out with the FUNNEST HIGH FITNESS instructors ever – so wear workout clothes/shoes or an outfit you feel comfortable movin’ in! I am not going to lie… I struggle working out. I haven’t ever enjoyed it and always have a hard time finding a workout I actually LIKE. HIGH FITNESS CHANGED ME! It is SO fun! It’s seriously like a big dance party which is totally my jam! And I promise you will be obsessed! But like I said above, if you aren’t interested in working out – no worries! Wear whatever you want! You know I am all about a messy mom bun and comfy leggings! Heck, wear your slippers if you want!

6. CAN I BRING MY FRIENDS? Heck yessss! Spread the word and grab all of your ladies! BUT they do need a ticket in order to come! Prices will increase as we get closer to the event, so be sure to have them grab their ticket ASAP!

7. WHAT IF I CAN’T COME UNTIL LATER THAT NIGHT? So here’s the schedule to help you make your plans accordingly!

7pm – Check-in and Registration – Grab a drink… chips and salsa…some Waffle Love… visit with friends…just sit and be still since you will be kidless and it will feel like a mama dream! 😉

7:30pm – HIGH Fitness Class Starts… it is a 45 minute workout – you will be sweating! It’s AWESOME! If you choose not to workout – totally fine! Come visit, watch, eat, and have FUN! There are lots of ladies who aren’t able to workout or just not interested – so you will not be alone!

8:30pm – Raffles! Giveaways! Prizes! Visiting! Eating! and FUN!

8. I DON’T LIVE IN VEGAS – CAN YOU COME DO THIS WHERE I LIVE? Heck yeahhhh! We would love to come to your city and have a Bestie’s Night Out! Email me or DM me on Instagram and let me know what city you live in and we can chat about bringing our next Bestie’s Night Out to YOU!

9. CAN YOU TELL US WHO THE SPONSORS ARE? We have FIIZ Drinks, HIGH Fitness and Waffle Love who will be there that night! All of our other prizes and sponsors will be announced throughout the next few weeks leading up to the event, so stay tuned for some INCREDIBLE companies and products I PROMISE you will LOVE!

10. I JUST CAN’T WAIT! HOW DO I GRAB MY TICKET?! Click HERE to purchase your ticket and join us! It’s going to be the BEST Girls Night Out!

Can’t wait to FINALLY see you ladies in REAL LIFE and meet you face to face!

xoxo Danielle

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