Besties Do DISNEY Extravaganza

OH MY HECK!! OH. MY. HECK!! I can’t even believe I am ACTUALLY typing this and it’s real life!!

A few days ago I threw a survey out there and asked you Besties if you would be interested in packing your purse…grabbing some comfy shoes… and hopping on a bus to go to DISNEYLAND as a tribe for the day, and guess what?!

You answered and said YES! YES! YES! Soooo we are going to make this happen!

I am so excited to officially invite you to our Moms Day Out – Besties Do Disney Extravaganza!

This Mother’s Day – it’s time to take care of YOU! Forget the flowers and chocolate – let’s get you on a bus with a group of women who also need a getaway just like YOU!

As we drive to the happiest place on earth, we will sleep, visit, make new friends, sing and dance, win awesome prizes, play games and get to know each other better!

Then we will spend all day at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California! You can stick with our Bestie Group or you can split off into your own group to make memories, eat all the food, take pictures and BE FREE for a whole day!

That night our bus will pick us back up and we can SLEEEEEP the whole way home, until we arrive back in Las Vegas around midnight to go back to our homes and families – refreshed and ready to be moms, wives, neighbors, sisters and friends again!

SO… WHEN IS IT?! Mark your calendars for TUESDAY, MAY 15th 2018! We will leave at 430am and arrive back in Las Vegas around 130am.

HOW MUCH IS IT? Tickets are LIVE and can be purchased HERE! They are $68 and includes the following:

  • One {1} two-way ticket on our Bestie’s Bus for transportation to and from Las Vegas and Anaheim, CA!
  • One {1} Besties Do Disney T-Shirt
  • A light snack on the bus
  • Raffle Prizes and SWAG before the trip on our private Facebook Group AND on the bus! {You all know I am all about giving away my favorite things when we all get together!}

**Please note the price does NOT include your entry into Disneyland. Because so many people have their own Annual Passes, Military Discounts and other ways they would like to purchase tickets – you can buy your one day pass online here to make it EASY PEASY! Also, this way you can also choose if you would like to buy a Disneyland ONLY pass or a HOPPER pass to get you into California Adventure. Personally, I will only be purchasing a Disneyland ONLY pass, but you can do whatever you would like!

Once you pay for your ticket, please request to join our “Besties Do Disney” Facebook Group HERE where we will be communicating from here on out! 

DON’T NEED A RIDE BUT STILL WANNA JOIN US FOR THE FUN?! YAY!!!! YES!!!! If you live in California or are traveling with your own car and don’t need a bus pass – we are excited to meet you there! In order for you to get your Besties Do Disney shirt, be a part of the raffles before the trip and be a part of our private Facebook Group, you do need to purchase your ticket as well! It’s just $20 {this includes the tee AND prizes} and you can click here to sign up for that! Once you pay for your ticket, please request to join our “Besties Do Disney” Facebook Group HERE where we will be communicating from here on out! 

WHAT TIME WILL WE ACTUALLY BE AT THE PARK? It takes about 5.5 hours on a bus to get to Anaheim. We will arrive at Disneyland around 10am and will meet to depart to come back to Las Vegas at 8pm, scheduling us to arrive back home around 1:30am. That gives us 10 HOURS to play at the park, from 10am-8pm, which should be plenty of time since we don’t have any kiddies with us! {Isn’t it crazy how much faster we can do when we don’t have our littles with us? I mean…LOVE them! SO much! But ya know! 😉 }

IS SPACE LIMITED? YES!!!! And spots are going to go FAST!! We only have 50 spots on the bus, so I HIGHLY SUGGEST you set your alarm for when our Besties Do Disney tickets go on sale so you can reserve your seat IMMEDIATELY!

WHEN WILL TICKETS GO LIVE? Because this Besties Day Out is only a month away, tickets are going on sale WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18th at 9am PST! PLEASE set your alarms as our last event sold out within the first few hours.

WHAT WILL I NEED TO BRING? You will just need to bring comfy shoes and your photo ID! We aren’t staying the night, so no need for a suitcase or anything. You can bring a pillow and blanket for the bus since you better believe we will be having some “Mama Quiet Time” on the way home!

CAN I BRING MY FRIENDS OR SISTERS OR MOM WITH ME? YESSSS!! Just make sure they are set to purchase their ticket on Wednesday and don’t miss it! We do ask that they are at least 18 years or older to ride on the bus with us.

We could NOT be more excited about this Besties Do Disney Extravaganza! It is going to be SO much fun!

As a reminder, our Bestie community is a group of women that strive to find the BEST in every day! You do NOT have to be a mom to come on this trip – it’s for all women! Also, if you don’t know anyone that is coming on the trip, but need a day away – THIS is for you too! A lot of ladies don’t know anyone and that is why we like to do fun things like this. To meet new people. To get out of the house. To get away for a few hours. And to be rejuvenated and excited for the roles we hold as women!

Life is hard. Life is tough. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find JOY and happiness. And what better place to find that, then at the happiest place on earth?!

Please let me know if you have any questions! You can reach me at . Can’t WAIT to see you there!!

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