Meal Planning and Prepping with Avalon Bay Air Fryer

Some days I get dressed at 7am….other days I live in my robe until noon! 🙂

But either way – one thing I absolutely love EVERY Monday is the start of a FRESH week! Mondays seem to be the most dreaded day for all of us… back to reality. Back to a routine. BUT I have noticed when I get up and start my week off being productive, it sets the mood for a MUCH better day and week ahead!

I am SO excited to talk to you guys today about a new way of cooking that I have been obsessing over! I have never been fabulous at meal planning and even cooking for that matter… but since I found out about the Avalon Bay Air Fryer, I have actually had FUN cooking!

I’m not going to lie. At first I was a little skeptical. Here I am trying to eat healthy and take care of myself – and it has the word “FRYER” in it!

Well – stay right there, because guess what?! The AB-Airfryer230B transforms all of your favorite foods into crispy treats WITHOUT the added fat and oil that traditional frying requires!  Say whhhhaaat?! With little to no oil, you can cook up meat, vegetables and a wide range of prepared frozen foods that taste just as good as their fattier fried cousins. SERIOUSLY!! Can you say HEAVEN?! 

It’s super easy-to-use {even I, the non-cooker can push a few buttons!} and makes the perfect meals every time. The hot air convection is what creates a crisp and delicious food without the extra fat! Not to mention – it’s stainless steel interior makes it an easy peasy clean up with is the best of all! 😉 #aintnobodygottimetoSCRUBforhours

This healthy air fryer is SO easy to use for cooks of all levels! Whether you’re a practiced home chef or just want to enjoy better tasting frozen appetizers on the weekends, you’ll find the AB-Airfryer230B a snap to use. You are able to adjust the temperature and set the cook time to make the yummiest treats and meals for your fam and friends!

Now, you’re probably wondering… I just don’t get it! How is this healthier?! WELL… it’s because traditional frying means soaking your foods in hot oil, which adds to the overall calorie count and can leave behind a greasy finish. When you air fry, a light drizzle or most of cooking oil is all it takes to add the flavor you love. Hot air circulates inside the fryer to cook food to a crispy, satisfying finish -no oily residue required. For more details you can check out their website here! 

Avalon Bay also has a Vacuum Sealer that is a TOTAL #BestieMusts!!I I have LOVED using the sealer in the beginning of each week to keep our food fresh for longer!

With so many different options and settings, you can seal and store anything you need to! From delicate fruits to hardy homecooked meals – you can seal them all tight! It’s pretty awesome! It comes with an automatic setting, a pulse setting or even high to low speeds as well to give you the perfect packaging!

One of my favorite things to do is to plan meals for busy nights – prepare them, seal them and then put them in the freezer for those evenings I just don’t have time to cook!

Because I am OBSESSED with these two products and you guys will LOVE them too – I reached out to Avalon Bay and scored you Besties a 30% OFF code!! Use code: BESTDAY on their website here!

Special thanks to Avalon Bay for being a sponsor of Today’s The Best Day! Although we were compensated for this article, all opinions are my own. 

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