14 Days of Love – For Him, Them and You

Oh my heavens! I can’t even BELIEVE we are already in month TWO of our #BestiesLifeChallenge – like whhhhaaat?! Where did January go?!

For those of you that are new around here, WELCOME!! We are SO excited to have you join our Bestie Tribe! As “Besties” we are passionate about making EVERY day, the BEST day…AND when you become a part of our community, you immediately become a part of THE  BEST club of women in the world! A group of women who are kind and fun and good and WANT to find the joy in every day, despite our struggles and trials that EACH of us face!

This year we are focusing on becoming the BEST us. The BEST wives. The BEST moms. The BEST friends. The BEST sisters. The BEST people that we want to become! SO, to help us do that, we have embarked on our #BestiesLifeChallenge, where each month we focus on a specific word to help us grow and become the women we want to become!

In January, our word was SIMPLIFY! You can check out our 30 Days To Simplicity Calendar HERE. It was an incredible month full of SIMPLIFYING our lives, to make time for the things that matter the MOST, which is our families and ourselves. Every message, DM, email and photo that flooded my inbox made me SO happy, as we focused on simplifying and bettering our lives together!

Now… it’s February! Which means it is time for our NEW Word Of The Month! As my team thought about the word for this month, we kept coming back to the word LOVE {of course! It’s February! DUH!} but we have decided to make the word LOVE a little bit different than you think!

So many times we think of February as a month of LOVE specifically for our spouse or other half…BUT for this month’s 14 Day Challenge, we will be focusing on LOVING HIM…THEM…and YOU!

We have THREE different challenges that you can choose to participate in this month as we focus on LOVE! You can do all three…or just two… or even just ONE…but it’s all right here for you!

Rather than giving you a full calendar of things to do each day, this month you are going to print off the specific PDF packet that you are interested in doing… cut up the circles… place them in a bowl or vase… and every morning you will pull out a different circle. Written on each circle is a task that you will do to show LOVE to either HIM {your man!}…. THEM {your littles!}… or YOU {yourself!}.


You can find each PDF packet here:

Click HERE for 14 Days of Love… FOR HIM!

Click HERE for 14 Days of Love… FOR THEM!

Click HERE for 14 Days of Love…FOR YOU!

Having LOVE is so important. Showing LOVE is even more important. So I can’t wait to do this 14 Days of Love Challenge with each of you!

I know as we focus on showing our love to our men….our children…and ourselves – that we will find joy and happiness…and be a little closer to becoming the women we want to become this year!

Happy LOVE Month, Besties!! I LOVE you all! xoxo

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