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My name is Danielle and I am so happy that you were able to find our site!

I’d like to take a second to introduce you to my site and how you, your marriage and your family can benefit from reading the content provided here at Today’s the Best Day!

What You Will Get From Today’s the Best Day?

In this next section I want to take just a second to introduce myself and why I chose to start Today’s the Best Day.

Today’s the Best Day is dedicated to you. You women who know the difficulties of being a mom. Motherhood is an adventure full of ups and downs and it can sometimes be a little overwhelming right?

We believe that even though being a mom can be hard at times, it can also be fun!

In a world of many negative opinions, it is sometimes difficult to find a clear, positive source of uplifting material.

I invite you to join me on my journey as I strive daily to provide content for women everywhere that helps recognize every day is a blessing.

No matter what stage of life your family is currently in I have created a place here for you to grow and learn with me as we experience everything that life has to offer! Together we can make every day the best day for us, our marriages and our families!

Let’s get started!


Who is Danielle Davis?

B_MG_0182efore we go further and get into the details of the site and the articles you can read to start your journey to a better life, I first want to introduce myself. My name is Danielle Davis and I have many callings in life.

I am a devoted wife, mother, daughter, friend and much more. Years ago I married my high school sweetheart and I have fallen in love with him every day since as we make our way through our journey of life together.

After we were first married, my husband and I struggled for many years with infertility. We wanted so badly to start a family but we were unable to.

During that time we came to find a greater love for each other and a deeper understanding of the importance of having children. Eventually, through the miracles of modern medicine, we were able to become parents as we welcomed our beautiful little girl to our family.

Through these life experiences and struggles I have learned some very valuable lessons. Those lessons inspired me to create this blog in 2013 to empower women and provide valuable content that I guarantee will help you improve your life, your marriage and your relationship with your family.

I invite you to take the challenge to improve your life and get started for free by reading the articles I have provided for you below!


Articles For You


Remember when you were last on an airplane and the flight attendant advised you that if you lost cabin pressure to first provide yourself oxygen and then take care of your kids? The same is important here at Today’s the Best Day. It is important that we first take care of ourselves before we can build up others. Here are some great articles on bettering you!


Articles For Your Marriage


Marriage is the foundation of any strong family. There is nothing more powerful and influential in the lives of children than the relationship of their parents. Working to strengthen your marriage is never easy but the rewards of doing so bring great rewards to you, your spouse and your children. Read some of our most popular articles on strengthening marriage here:


Articles For Your Family


Families, whether they are big or small are the building blocks of society. Our children are our future and in order to help them as parents, we must actively seek new and creative ideas to help build them up. Here are some ideas to get your started!


Other Amazing Content

Motivating Mothers 

I love this section of our site! Back when our site was just beginning I had so many women reach out to me wanting to share their stories. In this section I share come of their stories with you.

Being a Mother is a special experience that creates a bond between women everywhere. Whether you are a mom now or plan to have a family in the future I invite you to read these amazing stories of mothers that have inspired me.

They share with you their experiences and how they have grown from their life lessons.


Deals & Giveaways

One of my favorite things in life is shopping! I love finding great deals on amazing products. On our site we are lucky to be able to work with some exceptionally wonderful stores to provide all of you discounts! Don’t leave our site before you check this out!

Do you have a store that you would like to feature on our site or know of an Etsy shop that is to die for? Click here to visit our page with information on how to get in touch with us! Look forward to hearing from you!

Our Weekly Newsletter

Once a week followers of our site get a little bonus in their mailboxes. We send out a weekly newsletter that not only updates our followers on exciting new promotions, but also provides wonderful value in the form of free printables and ebooks.

We appreciate so much that you follow us and we want to make sure it is worth your while. We encourage you to sign up and to email us with new ideas that you may have. I read and reply to all emails and look forward to welcoming you into our newsletter family!


Thank you for visiting with us today!

We encourage you to share what you read here today with someone you know will benefit from it. Be sure to come back as we have many exciting things coming ahead! Remember to make every day the best day!

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