A Letter To You, The Mom Trying To Sleep Train Your Baby

Hey you! Yes, you!

You busy, wonderful, tired, GOOD mom!

Listen, I know exactly how you feel. As a mom of a baby, life is exhausting. I mean, caring for a little human 24/7 takes SO much energy, time, dedication, selflessness and love. But you’re doing it!! And you’re doing such a great job at it!

Here’s the thing. I desperately need my sleep.

I have always loved {and NEEDED} my whole full nights rest to function throughout the day. I truly believe in beauty rest – not only for outward beauty, but for inward beauty. If I don’t get my full seven to eight hours of sleep at night, I am little Miss Grumpy!

When I became a mom I learned very quickly that I was going to have to learn to adjust my schedule. The moment the doctor laid my sweet baby in my arms for the first time, I knew my life had changed forever.

The first night in the hospital seemed unreal and kind of like a big haze to be honest. Nurses coming in to take tests on both of us, machines making loud noises, our sweet new baby waking up every two hours to eat, not to mention the whirlwind of thoughts running through my mind as I tried to convince myself of the reality that I WAS A MOM!

We didn’t get much sleep that night, or the next night… or the next.


Everyone will tell you as an expecting mom, “Enjoy your rest now!” BUT I honestly don’t think you realize what they truly mean until you have a baby.

I did a LOT of sleep research before I became a mom. I was on bed rest for nearly five months, so I had a lot of time on my hands. Each book I read gave me different ideas on how to get my baby to sleep through the night, but I never felt right about one solid sleep habit book. Instead, I seemed to love parts of the ideas from each book! SO – I created my own way to get my baby to sleep through the night.

Today I have come up with THREE Helpful Tips to remember as you prepare your baby to sleep through the night.

SET A ROUTINE: This is by far the most important thing we EVER did.

Make sure you create a schedule, that way they can recognize what is going to happen next. For example, when baby gets in the bath – they know it is play time and splash time! But once they are dressed and have their bottle and book, they know we are calming down and it is quiet time.

MAKE SURE THEY ARE COMFORTABLE: Oh Mama, this is KEY! The HALO SnoozyPod paired with the HALO SleepSack helps you transition your baby from bassinet to crib SO MUCH EASIER!

My little man slept like a charm in his HALO Bassinest next to us. When it was time to transition to a big boy crib, I was so worried! The Bassinest has vibration and white noise features that soothed him gently, so when we put the SnoozyPod under his crib mattress, it felt less foreign to him because it ALSO has all of the same features!


The vibration and white noise are heaven sent! And the night light moon and stars are his FAVORITE thing. What’s really neat about the SnoozyPod is that it is an all-in-one-soother that helps create a comparable sleep environment for your baby at ANY age! You can put it under the crib OR a toddler bed too!

The SnoozyPod is also Bluetooth enabled, so you can activate the functions from anywhere in your house without having to go inside the baby’s room! Can you believe it? I can literally be in my own bed, and push the button on my phone to activate the vibration or the white noise to calm him! UNREAL, right?!

A SleepSack is ALWAYS a winner too! It is the safest way to have our babies sleep because it acts as a blanket for them so nothing else needs to be in their crib. I love just zipping him up and he is ready to go!


You can purchase the SnoozyPod at BuyBuyBaby.com and for more information you can check out this video.

Overnight DiaperspastedGraphic.png were the second best thing we ever purchased! When our girl started sleeping longer than just a few hours at night, she would wake up SOAKED! Overnight diapers worked like a charm! She never woke up soaked again.

We also put up black out shades pastedGraphic.pngwhich literally saved the day! Not only do they help with the morning sun, but naps are longer and better too as their rooms stay dark all day long!

YOU ARE THEIR MOM, LOVE THEM: This is so important to remember. YOU are their MOM! YOU know what is best for your little one.

LOVE them. Hold them. Cuddle them. Kiss them. Cherish them. I promise – they grow SO quickly!

I wish you the best of luck as you go through the journey of getting your baby to sleep.

Always remember those little moments of rocking your baby or cuddling their little bodies on your chest. They grow so fast and before you know it – they will be sleeping 12 hours a night and you will be missing those middle of the night feedings and tiny fragile baby features.

“There is no way to be a PERFECT mom… but a MILLION ways to be a GOOD one.” – Jill Churchill

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