Why You Should Let Your Wife Sleep In

You’ve been there.

The sun is awake…so your kids are awake… and you have one decision.

One decision that will change your life forever.

Do you quietly get out of bed and tip toe out of the room with the kids to let your wife peacefully continue to get her rest?


Do you let the kids wake her up demanding for breakfast and cartoons, forcing her to get out of bed way too early and before she gets her much needed full nights rest?

Why You Should Let Your Wife Sleep IN

You see, to some it may not seem like a big decision. But oh man… let me tell you… it just might be the biggest decision of your life.

Because just in case she hasn’t told you in a while, I will tell you for her… SHE WANTS HER SLEEP. Nah, she doesn’t just want it… she NEEDS it. I promise.

AND if you let her have it, I have ANOTHER promise for you…she will be a whooooole new woman when she arises! A woman that you will love to be around!

In fact, Jim Beuer describes this scenario so perfectly in this short clip:

So WHY should you let your wife sleep in? Let me tell ya…

1. SHE DIDN’T FALL ASLEEP WHEN YOU THOUGHT SHE DID: Ohhh, you thought when she said it was time for bed that she was ACTUALLY going to bed? HAHA! No way, Jose! While you slipped quietly into the covers and started dreaming, guess what she did? She picked up the toys in the living room and scrubbed all the dishes. She locked all of the doors and turned all of the lights off. She took off her makeup, took out her contacts, brushed her teeth and put her hair in a bun. She double checked the locked doors and turned on the heater. She tucked the kids in bed and made sure they were all still breathing. And then she lied in bed thinking about the list of a billion things she didn’t get done, that she needs to work on tomorrow. She then grabbed her phone and scrolled through Instagram and Facebook because she finally got a few minutes to herself. And then maybe, just MAYBE, she fell asleep.

2. SHE DIDN’T SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT LIKE YOU THOUGHT SHE DID EITHER: Yeahhhh…no. No she didn’t. Although you may not have heard the chaos that went on in the house last night – she was up and doin’ her mommy thing in all the hours in the night. The baby cried. The baby was hungry. The baby needed a diaper change. And then the baby needed a pajama change. Not to mention your toddler needed a drink. And a cuddle. And to be walked back into her bed. She hears it all and does it all – but didn’t want to wake you.

Let Your Wife Sleep In

3. SHE NEEDS MORE SLEEP THAN YOU… IT’S SCIENCE: Hey, the professionals say it’s true and us moms aren’t disagreeing! Rumor has it women indeed do need more sleep than men! You can even ask Siri or Alexa!

4. SHE WILL BE HAPPIER: And we all know if mama aint happy…aint NOBODY happy! Soooo, let’s just do everything we can to make her as comfortable, well rested, peaceful and HAPPY as possible – ya feel me?! We all want a mom in the house that is pleasant to be around. Who is full of patience, kindness and understanding. And if she gets her rest, she will totally be all of those things!

5. AND SHE WILL BE MORE PRODUCTIVE: Ummm HELLO! If you let her sleep in, when she wakes up she will SERIOUSLY be like Super Woman! Like, she will seriously need to wear a full blown cape because she will feel like she can get everything and anything done in the world! The floors will be mopped, the toilets will be scrubbed, her hair will be washed, the dishes will be done, and she will feel like the Queen!

6. SHE DESERVES IT: But seriously. Don’t you think?! She absolutely…100%… deserves her rest. She works hard. SO HARD. You know she does. She deserves a little space. A little mommy time. A little sleepy time. A little quiet time.

Sleep In

7. SHE LOVES YOU AND THOSE KIDS MORE THAN ANYTHING: She literally LIVES for you and those kids. Everything she does is for you and them. She worries about you guys. She prays for you guys. She stays up late for you guys. She wakes up early for you guys. She cleans for you guys. And cooks for you guys. And thinks about you guys. And wants the very best for you guys. She breathes, loves and wants the VERY best for you and those little minis!

8. YOU LOVE HER TOO: You love her with all of your heart, don’t you? And you love when she is rested? And happy? And pretty? And pleasant? And fun? And patient? And awesome?!

So do it. Let her get her sleep.

And as a little bonus, I highly recommend the Tomorrow Sleep mattress … just sayin’! it’s a BED in a BOX that is the comfiest thing in the world. The Hybrid Mattress will help her fall asleep faster and keep her in a deep sleep! If you decide to treat her to one {and let’s be real – it’s a treat for you too, as her hubby!} Use code BESTDAY100 to get $100 OFF!

Now gentlemen, tomorrow is a brand new day! So in the morning when you have that most important decision to make again… don’t forget to just let her sleep.

I promise you won’t regret it! 😉

Special thanks to Tomorrow Sleep for being a sponsor of Today’s The Best Day! Although we were compensated for this article, all opinions are my own. 

1 Comment on Why You Should Let Your Wife Sleep In

  1. Angie
    December 8, 2017 at 1:42 am (2 months ago)

    That clip is the funniest thing I have ever seen!! 😂But to tell you the truth, it’s usually the other way around in my household. I’m asleep well before my husband and he takes care of the house to make sure it’s locked and warm. ☺️ We have older kids so that also helps.


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