I Bottle Feed. And I’m A Good Mom.

I was walking around town with my 9 month old baby bump and was ready to POP! I was BEYOND ready to get this little baby out of me!

I had read all the books. Talked to all the people. Read all the blog articles. And I was just 100%, super prepared!

I was ready to have a natural birth. I was ready to breastfeed like a champ. I was ready to get my baby sleeping through the night by six weeks. And I was ready to look fabulous while doing it all!

Well, the day arrived and our miracle baby girl was on her way!

But suddenly everything I knew…Everything I had studied….And everything I had prepared for…  was thrown out the window.

And everything I had thought “mom life” would be – was not.

I wanted a natural birth, but had an emergency c-section.

Breastfeeding was the hardest thing in my entire life. The “connection” everyone told me I would feel as I nursed my baby wasn’t there. Should I admit…I hated it? I cried. Ohhhh, did I cry.

My baby was still waking up every 3 hours at six weeks old.

And you better believe that I rocked the mom bun on the daily as I was in survival mode.

I thought to myself, “Am I an okay mom?!”

I wanted to breastfeed so bad. So I continued learning techniques and how to make it a good experience for my baby and I. I tried so hard. In fact, I nursed and pumped for four whole months!

It was a struggle. But I did it.

And it was so painful. And I got mastitis four times. And I NEEDED someone to tell me that I was “allowed” to stop.

“If I stop, am I an okay mom?!” I would ask myself.

What’s crazy is four years later I found myself nine months pregnant again – but this time I was REALLY prepared.

I had done the “mom life” thing before so I knew what to expect this time! I knew I didn’t love breastfeeding, but my goal was to just try to nurse or pump for 1 month.

But once again, it was time for our sweet baby boy to arrive. And to my surprise, everything I knew and had prepared for went out the window… yet again.

I actually didn’t mind breastfeeding this time around! It was easier! He latched on! I produced just enough. I didn’t get mastitis. And life seemed fine.

But this time, I was forced to stop – as my body decided to not produce anymore and I dried up. I was done nursing. It wasn’t possible for me to continue.

I thought to myself, “Am I an okay mom?!”

You see ladies, here’s the thing. Mom life is crazy! Mom life is hard! Mom life is a lot work! Mom life takes us out of our comfort zones! And mom life is so different for everyone!

It is different for me. And it is different for you. And it is even different from kid to kid.

Because maybe you can breastfeed, but don’t like it. Or maybe you can’t breastfeed, but wish you could. Or maybe you do breastfeed, but are struggling. Or maybe you absolutely love it and want to do it forever.

What’s funny though, is that mom life is hard enough – we don’t need to feel the pressure of society and other moms telling us what a good mom does vs what a bad mom does.

Because the truth is – I AM an okay mom. In fact, I am not just an okay mom – I’m a good mom.

And so are you.


Because if you bottle feed your baby – YOU are a GOOD mom!

And if you breastfeed your baby – YOU are a GOOD mom too!

Just like if you have a natural birth. Or an epidural. Or a c-section.

Or if you co-sleep. Or want your baby to sleep as far away from you as possible so you don’t get kicked in the head all night.

You are ALL GOOD moms.

Because it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re a mom.

YOU are a MOM. Just look at that little baby next to you right now!

You are currently living the most important, highest calling and role you can hold.

A mother.

So keep doing what you are doing. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re doing it wrong. Or that you need to “mom” a certain way.

Because YOU my friend, are a GOOD mom.

Being a good mom doesn’t look a certain way. Good moms can breastfeed and formula feed. They can co-sleep and use cribs. They can have hospital births, home births, natural births, c-section births and even have an epidural. Good moms can adopt, have one child or 10 children. They can appear to be happy and appear to be stressed. Good moms can be dressed to the nines and even live in her yoga pants and tee. {That’s me 😉 }

So yes, I bottle feed. But I am a good mom.

And so are you.

Don’t forget to share this with all of your mom friends that may need to hear they are doing a good job!

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