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Why You Should LOVE Your Wife's Stretch Marks 2

Why You Should LOVE Your Wife’s Stretch Marks

There they are. Just staring back at her in the mirror. Every day as she gets dressed, she sees the body and stripes that she has earned through motherhood… and she often finds herself staring and touching the stretch marks that take over half of her stomach now. From the moment she saw the two […] Read more…

My Hope And Wish For The Expecting Mom

My Hope And Wish For The Expecting Mom

I see you everywhere. At church, at get-togethers, at the grocery store, on Facebook. Your clothes fitting snugly but stylishly over that growing baby bump. That “glow” radiating off your face, matching the excitement in your nervous smile. In just a few short weeks your little one will join you and your adventure into motherhood […] Read more…

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