Bestie’s Fall Bucket List Challenge

You guys!! This time of year is a DREAM!

I am obsessed with everything about it! From the activities to do – the weather to play in – the clothes to wear – and the holidays to celebrate… it is just so dang fun!

I am REALLY excited for our FALL BUCKET LIST CHALLENGE launching… TODAY! Yeppp!! Starting today we are going to make this the BEST FALL EVER!


On Instagram last week I asked for everyone to send in your ideas of things you think would be fun to do over the next 40 days – so my team and I have compiled all of your ideas together to make a Bestie’s Fall Bucket List – created by YOU!

Here at Today’s The Best Day, we are passionate about trying to make EVERY day, the BEST day for ourselves, our marriages and our families – and participating in this challenge will hopefully result in just that! Creating memories – taking pictures – and spending quality time with the people we love!

Here is a list of 32 items that you can choose from to complete! They don’t need to be done in any specific order – just go and do as you choose! Just remember to post your photos on Instagram and use the hashtag #BestieFallBucketList {so boring… if you want to write me and give me a better hashtag idea I am all about it! haha!} Side note: If you have a private account, we can’t see your photos! Please make it public for the challenge so we can see your cute pics! OR at least make it public on Thanksgiving Day when we choose the winner!


Each photo posted is an entry to our Target Gift Card Giveaway! At the end of the challenge, one lucky winner will win a $50 TARGET GIFT CARD! Because you know Target is our BESTIE JAM!

I am so grateful for our Bestie Tribe… have I told you that lately!? I really am! I love the community of women that we have here and I can’t wait to make memories with our loved ones this season TOGETHER!

You guys are the best! See you on Instagram at #BestieFallBucketList xoxo

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