20 EASY, INEXPENSIVE and FAST Neighbor Christmas Gifts

The other day I looked at my calendar and realized Christmas is just around the corner … I hadn’t sent out my Christmas cards yet and I hadn’t even thought about neighbor gifts. With everyone’s busy schedules I am SURE I am not the only one that is racing to get things done!

I wanted to help you out a little today, so I have compiled a list of 20 EASY (so easy…all you have to do is go to the store, buy an item or two and print off the printable tag), INEXPENSIVE (I made sure all of these are super cheap and can be bought at Target or Wal-Mart for $5 or less) and FAST (Close to NO work is needed) Neighbor Christmas Gifts.

These gifts are perfect for teachers, friends, children’s classmates and neighbors.

20 Easy & Inexpensive Neighbor Christmas Gifts

I hope this helps you a little bit this Christmas Season! You have 7 days until Christmas – you can do it! Run to the store, pick one of these items up, print off a tag… and you will have a darling and creative gift for everyone around!

Soda-Lighted You’re My Neighbor by My LDS Projects – Super cute and easy! Buy your favorite type of soda and print off this tag to go with it!


Blowing Christmas Wishes by I Never Grew Up – Gum Balls in a mason jar!


Donut Snowmen by One Ordinary Day – Simple and cute! Kids would love these! Powdered donuts in bags, draw on face, and buttons then tie ribbon around neck to look like a scarf.


Twizz The Night Before Christmas by Printable Decor – Doesn’t get easier! Buy a bag of Twizzlers and wrap this cute printable on to it!


Extra Hugs and Kisses by Pretty Providence – Everybody loves Extra Gum and hugs and kisses!


“Muffin” for Christmas by 1 Crafty Guy – Buy any kind of muffin mix you love and tie this printable on to it!


Reindeer Noses by Brassy Apple – I love this one! So creative! Whoppers and a red gum ball for all of the reindeer’s noses!


Jack Frost’s Not Lost by How Does She – Love this game for kids! So creative and easy. She has everything ready for you to print!


S’more the Merrier by Like a Pretty Petunia – Everyone loves S’mores this time of year! So cute tied with some burlap!


Simply Wonderful by Free Time Frolics – Lemonade! I actually saw little one’s of these at Wal Mart!


Feliz Navidad by Aggie Mania – I LOVE chips and salsa! I could eat it every day. I love this!


Extra Dough by Bits of Everything – Creative saying and easy to put together!


From Our Circus by Things That I Create – All of our families can be a little crazy sometimes!


HoHoHo from the Ding Dongs by It’s Written On The Wall – I have always wanted to do this one and for some reason I never have. Adding to my list for next year!


A&Wesome Friend by LDS Solutions – My dad LOVES A&W so this reminded me of him. I love the cute reindeer add on! But it is cute even without if you do not have time!


Less Dishes to Do by Things That I Create – Nobody likes doing dishes, ESPECIALLY when there are so many from baking holiday treats! Help your friends out by providing them paper goods.


Dinner in a Mug by Creative Capital B – How creative is this? For those crazy nights of shopping and you have no time to cook dinner – grab a dinner in a mug!


The M&M Christmas Story by Our Thrifty Ideas – Have you ever red this story? I love it. So cute and all you have to do is print off the story and buy some m&ms!


Treats You “Write” by Call Me Mama Leisha – PENS! They are everywhere and you can buy super cheap ones at Target. We are always looking for a pen around this house. This could come in handy!


Cozy Gift by Jacolyn Murphy – I love this darling blanket! You can buy nice blankets for those you want to spend some extra money on, but there are some cute throws for pretty cheap too!

I love these cute and creative ideas! Have fun this week in making your friends and family little gifts to show your love!

Don’t forget your kids can help with these little projects too. They would love to go to the store, help wrap or even deliver these tokens of your love!


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